The printer for your book-edges.

Print on book-edges in high quality and realize new book designs. 

book-edge printer S2

This printer is suitable for single run and high runs. The only thing that needs to be set is the book thickness and off you go. All three sites in a row or several books printed together multiplies the hourly output. With 12 inches per second the printer is one of the fastest. All this with the highest quality and accuracy.

How it works

The books run at the top edge created between two conveyor belts under an inkjet printer. The printhead is fixed. Placed on the top, the S2 can print as many books together as one can grab. To take advantage of the entire print width of 18 cm, the books can also run on a board. The hourly output is multiplied by this. For overlapping motifs is a scraper installed. You don't need cardboards nearby anymore.

technical parameters

Printer: Memjet-Technologie

Ink: Water-based dye ink in 2 liter individual CMYK tanks

resolution: 1600x800 dpi (standard) and 1600x1600 dpi 

Speed: 6 ips (152mm/sec) or 12 ips (305mm/sec)

Hourly performance: 3000 prints/h = 1000 books 3-sided printed in single print. Up to several thousand. Depending on the type of assembly.

Maximum book format: 380x380mm (larger with conversion possible)

Maximum thickness: 220 mm